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Upgrading your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet storage under Sink

Adding this post as I thought this was a particularly good use of the space under a kitchen cabinet.  Often underused space - this allows you to reach all those things that tend to get lost once you close the door.  This image is from HOUZZ website  where you can get many wonderful ideas for DIY or other projects for your home.  

Cabinetry Lingo

Cabinet Confusion?  This great article will provide you with information to understand the "lingo" of cabinetry.

Updating your kitchen

Updating your kitchen and trying to decide the color of your cabinets?  There are so many to choose from.  Should I go with the warm maple, or a dark walnut, or maybe somewhere in between?  It is a difficult decision - But, you can never go wrong with WHITE!

KITCHEN FADS, COME AND GO, (remember Harvest Gold and Avocado Green - Just had to have them) but when it comes to enduring value, the white kitchen is always a winner.

Since it began keeping records, the Home Appliance Manufactures Association says White Appliances have always outsold all other colors (yes, even Stainless)

Want to UPDATE your kitchen? Great info on any budget

Your cupboards are tired, your countertops are chipped and your appliances were purchased during the Carter administration. There’s no doubt your kitchen could use a makeover, but that won’t come cheap. According to the2013 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, theaverage upscale kitchen remodel now rings up at $107,406. Even a “mid-range” major kitchen update averages $53,931.
For those who don’t have a cool 100 grand to spend on a kitchen redo, there’s hope. Here’s how kitchen designers from across the country would breathe new life into a tired kitchen with considerably less cash.