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Client Questionaire - 

Some things to consider when planning a Home Improvement Project.


* Why are you looking to re-design your space and what made you decide to reach out at this point?
  •  Overall Project Description 
  •  When do you want the work to start? 
  •  What is your desired completion date? 
  •  Budget: What is your budget for this project?  
  •  Do you have funds allocated for this project or will you need to finance?
 *Who will be the main point of contact and what is their preferred type of communications?
  •  Contact person
  •  Home phone
  •  Cell phone
  •  Work phone
  •  Email

 * Additional information on the scope of the project: 
  •  I am ready to commit to starting and completing the project in a specified period of  time and  ready to get going!
  •  I would like to plan the project now, but will need to spread out the work/purchasing  over a  period of time.
  •  Other: 

* Specific type of project interested in -  interested in one specifically or more than one:
  •  Roofing
  •  Windows
  •  Painting interior/exterior
  •  Siding
  •  Decks/patios/porches
  •  Kitchen/bath cabinetry
  •  Kitchen appliances 
  •  Kitchen/bath surface materials (stone, ceramics, etc)
  •  Room additions
  •  Remodeling/rehabbing interior
  •  Remodeling/rehabbing exterior
  •  Other: 

* Your style preferences 
  •  Traditional
  •  Contemporary/modern
  •  Transitional

Any other design interests or preferences you would like to discuss with a Home Improvement Specialist?

By considering the above, you will be better prepared to discuss what you desire in a project and can communicate these desires to the Contractor.   
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